Connecting The Power Of Music, Education And Community

Our LTDTF Artists:

Melba Moore - The Sylvers - Nikkole - The Emotions - Dawnn Lewis - Shanice - Melissa B. - Jody Quine - Ron Deuce



Benefitting Communities Across America!

The Live The Dream Tour Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that exists to inspire youth and community members to discover their passions through the use of music. Our team professionals are experts and represent the fields of: education, social work, GRAMMY® Member artists / musicians / performers / engineers, accounting, law enforcement, IT and cosmetology.

We target culturally diverse youth and young adults from low-income and disadvantaged (or underprivileged) backgrounds in the communities in which they reside. Our intent is to use music to shape the lives and well being of at-risk youth and communities. We take pride in being a positive and influential experience within the communities that we serve. 

Our foundation aims to enhance the educational and employment achievement of those at-risk youth, as well as to make families and communities stronger and safer.

We support community music making which results in immense educational and social benefits. We emphasize teamwork by reaching out into these communities and bringing people together through our programs.

The Live The Dream Tour Foundation uses the power of music to foster individual, family, and community development and overall wellness. Programs and services offered by us revolve around the use of community music making, that is, the creation of a shared experience of community by bringing people and communities together to discuss, create, collaborate, and perform music. 

At the individual, family, and community levels, the Live The Dream Tour Foundation uses community music making to achieve the following outcomes:


a)  to increase self-acceptance and self-celebration


b)  to inspire, educate, and empower culturally-diverse youth and adults who are from at risk communities or are at risk of negative outcomes in the areas of education, employment, health, social, behavioral and mental health.


c)  to increase social and civic engagement and participation


d)  to strengthen interactions, problem-solving and relationships among youth and their parents


e)  to strengthen family resilience


f)  to promote the celebration of cultural diversity and differences between and among individuals and communities from different backgrounds


g)  to build inclusive communities


Join us and let's make a difference!


The Live The Dream Foundation Team